Michelle almost gave up going to that Super Bowl party. Patrick wasn’t so excited about joining the party, but at the last minute, he thought “why not” and off he went. And that is how Michelle and Patrick met!
This lovely couple, now engaged, were referred to us thru Patrick’s grandfather, who used to be a wedding photographer and is part of our MDPPA chapter (Maryland Professional Photographers of America). For that, Les Henig, we have to thank you! What a beautiful gift of meeting these two amazing souls you have shared with us! We are so excited for their wedding The Mansion at the Valley Country Club, this upcoming August! Check out their beautiful engagement session and love story interview below. 

How did you meet? 

Michelle: We meet at a Super Bowl Party. We joke now that we both thought about not going to the party, but it just happened to be one of the best decision I ever made.

Patrick: Michelle sums this one up nicely. I was working with a friend that night and she casually mentioned there was a party at an acquaintance we both knew. I almost didn’t go but said “why not” and decided to go. Now I’m at my computer writing out our story for the wedding.


Where did you go for your 1st date?

Michelle: We went to a Greek restaurant in town I wanted to try out. I was so nervous during dinner that I ended up getting some food stuck in my hair. He noticed and came over to my side of the table to help me get the food out of my hair. Since we were having fun we decided on a whim that would see a movie after dinner. When we got to the theater and we both immediately
agreed the coolest movie (though not romantic) ‘Taken’.

Patrick: Michelle explains this one as well. I remember the movie and how adorable she was
when she had food in her hair. She was embarrassed, but I thought it was cute.

How did Patrick propose?

Michelle: He proposed when we were in Amsterdam visiting his family. It did not go how he planned; a nice boat ride down the canal with dinner. It was actually a boat tour cruise about architecture (I am an art history nerd) and included all the wine and cheese you could eat.
Added bonus, it included a walking tour of the red-light district. After the tour, we walked back to our hotel which was in the Garden district, which was dripping with hanging lights on bridges, trees, and walkways. I had a belly full of wine and cheese and I was so tickled on how pretty it was as we walked home. On one of the bridges, he got on one knee and asked me to spend
our lives together.

Patrick: I bought her ring after we shopped together. She knew what ring she wanted but had no idea that I had bought it for her right there on the spot. We had a planned trip to Amsterdam which was perfect. I would propose there. After a fantastic night and how this never went according to my plan, we ended up at a beautiful part of Amsterdam with lights, bridges, and
water with no one around. I popped the question then as it felt perfect.

Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?

Michelle and Patrick: We are going to Ireland! We’ve always dreamed of seeing Ireland and decided to make this our destination. We’ll be spending two weeks outside Dublin (hopefully) at a small cottage or home. We’ll travel around the island and relax in the cottage. We can’t wait!

How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

Michelle: Traveled the world a bit, have a house, moved up the corporate ladder on our respective jobs, have a cat, dog, and waiting on our first child
Patrick: Michelle sums it up best.




Do you have any pets? If yes, what is its name and how do you share the duties?

Michelle: No pets, unfortunately. We will hopefully (crosses fingers) will get a cat before the wedding though.





Michelle, Describe something that you absolutely love about your fiancé?

Michelle: We laugh so much. He knows how to get me out of a funk and remind me that life is great since we are together and since we are a team we can take on anything that life throws at us.

Patrick, Describe something that you absolutely love about your fiancé?

Patrick: This is an unfair question! If I had to pick only one, I would say Kindness. Michelle is full of it. She becomes friends with everyone because she is as thoughtful and caring a person I’ve ever met.

Any special song?

Michelle and Patrick: Way too many to list here! (we really can’t think of any right now


Describe your relationship in two words

Michelle: Humor and Trust
Patrick: Home and Love


Vendor Love:

Photography: Daysy Film & Photo (Daysy + Pam)
Location: Baker Park (Frederick, MD)