Nicky and Colin have found each other years ago (since 2008 to be more specific) at a party, and from day 1 the connection was there. They spoted each other, started talking and it was like these two souls were matched in heaven and came back to earth to find each other and spend their lived together. This seems to true, that the year is 2020 and, they are getting married!!! Isn’t this perfection? They have meet and their hearts already knew even if they themselves didn’t, that they were meant to be together.
I am very excited for this dear couple of mine, they are very special to me also because Colin and I work at the same client once or twice a week. We barely have the time to talk, but Colin quickly asked me if I could be their wedding photographer. Of Course!!! I was honored and I got even more excited when I met Nicole, this sweet and smart lady, who is passionate about her fiancé, her family and work. You guys are so cute together, makes my heart smile 🙂
They are planning their wedding at the Camp Deep Creek this upcoming October. Only a few more weeks to celebrate their love.
Enjoy their engagement photos at the Gambrill State Park and, their love story below 🙂

Gambrill State Park Summer Engagement Photos

Daysy: How did you meet?
Nicky+Colin: We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, it was summer of 2008. I don’t think either of us were at the party for very long before we found each other and started talking.

What are some common hobbies/interests that the two of you share?
Nicky+Colin: We love going on hikes and walks in the woods with our dog Jaxx, making each other laugh, being silly together, relaxing at home, and going to concerts. 

What a beautiful and meaningful ring. This was Colin’s grandmother’s engagement ring, passed on Nicole’s hand. Let’s appreciate the vintage beautiful it carries and history behind it too! I am in love!

vintage ring engagement photos

Tea Room at Gambrill State Park

Where did you go for your 1st date?
Nicky+Colin: Was at Sakura, in the Rio. It is no longer there, but we had dinner and then we walked around the lake at the Rio. We found some rocks near the water and talked for a while. 

Gambrill State Park Engagement Photos couple

Daysy: Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?
Nicky+Colin: We would like to go to Iceland for our honeymoon, might be a couple of years before we do but that is the plan. 

Gambrill State Park Engagement couple kissing Photos

How did he/she propose? Can you describe that moment?
Nicky+Colin: It was after a night of hanging out with our friends, we were sitting at home on the couch watching TV and eating pizza. It was a spontaneous moment for him, it was also our 7th year being together, he asked me if I would marry him, I of course said yes. My thinking was that he has asked this question many times over the years, so I thought it was just another time like that. But then he gets up from the couch and goes upstairs. I did not think anything of it, then he came downstairs and asked me to stand. So I did, he then asked the question again and presented a ring. 

vintage engagement ring pearl

Gambrill State Park Engagement session Photos

How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?
Nicky+Colin: I would imagine us as a couple from now to 5 years is really how it looks now. We want to continue growing as a couple and as individuals, and having kids. 

Gambrill State Park wedding Photos

Gambrill State Park Engagement overlook photos

Gambrill State Park overlook

Nicky, when you saw Colin, he seemed….
Nicky: New and exciting, someone that was different than what I was used to, also easy to talk to. He was also intriguing because he was older than me. 

Colin, when you saw Nicky, she seemed….
Colin: New and exciting, exotic with her long hair, very young and beautiful. 

Nicky, describe 3 things that you absolutely love about Colin
Nicky: I love that he makes me feel safe and secure about who I am as a person. I also love that he makes me laugh all the time. 

Colin, describe 3 things that you absolutely love about Nicky
Colin: Kind, patient, and able to put up with me all this time. 

Middletown, MD engagement bride photos

Describe what you most absolutely have in common?
Nicky+Colin: We both love nature, making each other laugh, being home bodies, and going to metal concerts. 


gambrill state park overlook wedding

Describe your relationship in two words
Nicky+Colin: Strong and fun

Tea Room Gambrill State Park - Frederick Wedding

Any special song?
Nicky+Colin: We like metal, we go to those types of shows all the time. Our song is actually by my favorite band. Its Killswitch Engage “The End of Heartache”

Wedding venue in the Frederick County, Maryland

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?
Colin: My favorite part of the photo shoot was making Nicky laugh so she would feel more comfortable.
Nicky: My favorite part about the photo shoot was how much fun it was! 

Gambrill State Park Tea Room Summer Wedding


A Little Behind the Scenes…

Because behind the scenes are FUN! 😀

Thanks, Colin for saving my light from the crazy wind! And special thanks to Nicky’s bridesmaid Sam. She was amazing while caring for their furry baby Jaxx, for the entire session!!!

Daysy: What caught your eyes about our work?
Nicole: I liked that you are local and that you have done a lot of places with nature, which is really our theme 🙂