This is the story of Bekah and Jeff, a couple who loves nature, their family and their carrier. But more importantly, the love for each other. They met at West Virginia University while attending classes there, but they never really dated, until 2 years after. Fast forward, to now, as they plan for their wedding day, so many things are happening in between moving into a new house, work and plan a future together, but I am glad they choose to capture their engagement memories at Bekah’s family property. A place filled with lovely childhood memories around family, and amazing photo opportunities! I can’t lie, I was so excited to see the farm animals and get them photobombing their photos that the final results are just the cutest thing ever!!!!
Check below their love story in pictures and their interview, and now, the countdown is on for their wedding coming up in October 2019 🙂

* Daysy’s Signature Shot

* Daysy’s Signature Shot

We were first friends for a couple years after we met at West Virginia University. Once we were both single Jeff asked me out, since we were good friends I wasn’t sure if I should give Jeff a chance or not. Some close friends that went to school with me convinced me to give Jeff a chance and I was impressed with his efforts and gentleman behavior, a side of Jeff I had not seen before.

Jeff let Bekah decide where to eat and he was dressed up ready for me to pick a place and all we both really wanted was Chipotle, since they did not have one at West Virginia University and we had been craving it.

Our love for our close family and friends

Loyal and caring

Jeff had asked Bekah’s fathers permission and planned a special evening involving their closest friends and family. On December 28, 2018 Bekah and Jeff were headed to her best friend Taylor’s house for what Bekah thought was just a casual night out with friends. Once they got there Jeff ran downstairs to Taylor’s basement and Bekah, per usual, took her time getting ready for the night. When Bekah headed to the basement to finally join her boyfriend and friends she was floored by a crowd of about 100 people, beautiful lights and her favorite Dixie Chicks song playing in the background. She turned and saw Jeff down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring, he said to her “I love you so much, I love you more and more every day, will you marry me?”. Bekah fighting back tears shook her head yes and then finally out loud said “yes” for the crowd to hear. The two spent the rest of the night celebrating with their loved ones.

They chose to take engagement session photos on Bekah’s mom’s farm in Glenelg, MD. They chose this because her mom’s property shows their love of open space and nature.

She’s beautiful, funny and hardworking

How hardworking he is in the fire department and in the military, always makes me smile, and supportive

Bekah and Jeff imagine themselves living happily in their first home while creating new memories of their lives together.

Bekah and Jeff plan on having children someday, but not until Bekah is finished her degree.