St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church Wedding, Frederick MD ~ Kate+Josh

Kate and Josh enjoying their magical day. We had such fun with their engagement shoot that you can view by clicking here. Now please join me in seeing these amazing photos of such a lovely couple on their wedding day at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church followed by a reception for close family and friends at a private Estate in Emmitsburg MD.   Behind the Scenes Big shout to our amazing Associate team that captured this beautiful day for Kate and Josh: Kate as lead photographer, Sebastian as second photographer, Kaeleigh as Assistant! Vendor Love: Photography: Daysy Film and Photo Flowers: DIY - The lovely Bride herself Hair: ULTA and Maryland Fairy Hair Makeup: MAB Artistry Officiant: Reverend John Streifel, Dress: Elegant Forever Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal Shoes: David’s Bridal Accessories: David’s Bridal Groom’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse Caterer: The Carriage House Cake: Andrew McCook (my groomsman!) 603-860-7269 (Competition Winning Baker, Sugar Rush, Season 2, Episode 3, Netflix)    

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Deep Creek, Maryland Fall Wedding ~ Nicole + Colin

Nicole and Colin: a girl from the Hawaiian Island, and a guy from the Maryland side. Once they met their hearts already knew even if they themselves didn’t, that they were meant to be together. Since 2008 they have been together and today, they have officially became husband and wife. It was a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by their family and friends at the gorgeous Camp Deep Creek. They have definitely hit the jackpot on their wedding day as well! The fall leaves where on the peak and it was so fun to create all these beautiful memories for them. Read their engagement story here at this link as well. And enjoy their beautiful wedding photos below! I wish nothing but happiness in you way, you guys are truly made for each other and such beautiful souls! Long life and happiness to the both of you!

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A Hole in One Love Story! A Monocacy Battlefield Engagement, Frederick MD ~ Shelby + Zack

Shelby and Zack  fell in love in a most unexpected way during spring break get away, during happy hour overlooking the Vegas Strip. Little did they know that this trip would be the start of something amazing and life altering. After many conversations and realizing there was something more than just friendship, the two decided to explore these new feelings by going on a date to Top Golf. The more they got to know each other the clearer it has become that they are simply meant to be. Now we are anxiously awaiting their big day in October at the Chartwell Golf and Country Club. In the mean time, enjoy their engagement photos along with an exclusive interview below. Daysy: How did you meet? Shelby+Zack: My sorority sister invited me on a spring break trip with her boyfriend and Zack. Our favorite part of the trip was the High Roller happy hour at the Linq hotel. We got to have drinks as we met and looked over the Vegas strip!   Daysy: Zack, when you saw her, Shelby seemed… Zack: The conversation with Shelby from the start was always natural and just felt right. We instantly found things we had in common that [...]

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A Disney Engagement Story Takes Over Gambrill State Park – Kate + Josh

Kate & Joshua have a beautiful love story, filled with magical moments and so much Disney World tales, just the way we like it. Like a fairy tale, dreamy and unique one. They will be getting married this upcoming October at the St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Downtown Frederick. We are so excited to be their love story teller. Check out their beautiful interview, I love how much detail they put into it, makes me feel like we have been friends forever now! We are so excited for your wedding coming up soon! Daysy: How did you meet? Kate: At work, when we both worked in the Wonder Book and Video warehouse. I was in high-anxiety mode for the first few days, and I was dating someone else at the time. Josh: We met at the Wonder Book and Video warehouse. The manager introduced Kate and two other new people to all of the employees. She seemed friendly at the time. And in case you are wondering, I didn’t have anything to do with her breaking up with her ex. And I wasn’t waiting on the sidelines for my moment to pounce. I asked her out maybe a year or [...]

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Morningside Inn, Frederick, MD Wedding ~ Rachel + Shawn

Rachel and Shawn have been thru quite a while this year. In between life happening, they had to reschedule their wedding. They have decided to go for a small ceremony for family only. Gambrill State Park was the location chosen to do their ceremony, followed by a luncheon at the beautiful Morning Side Inn. It was such a beautiful day, and their love was shinning everywhere. Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor! Photography: Daysy Film & Photo Ceremony: Gambrill State Park Venue and Catering: Morningside Inn Officiant: Jonathan Howson Dress: David’s Bridal Shoes: Elegant Park

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Sneak Peek: Stone Tower Winery, Leesburg VA Wedding ~ Emily + Brad

If this year of 2020 has something to teach us, it is about: Love, Resilience, Faith. Emily and Brad have been thru so many tests while planning their wedding while the uncertainties of a pandemic hit us in the beginning of the year. So many changes had to be addressed, bringing worries and changes of plans (more so than a regular couple would have to deal with). They had to even consider their ceremony to be postponed to the next year, or doing a partial wedding. But folks, let's put our hands together and celebrate for them, because they have made it! It warms my heart and everyone's hearts to see that their efforts and persistence had paid off and, they have celebrated their big day along with family and friends at the beautiful Stone Tower Winery, in Leesburg VA. It was a lovely day, and even little sprinkles of rain came to bless their ceremony. Enjoy this quick sneak peek loaded of amazing moments, before the big post hits the blog. Love Always Wins!   They got blessings from above. We have never captured a first kiss under sprinkles of rain. We are in LOVE with this image!! [...]

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Gambrill State Park Summer Engagement Photos ~ Nicole + Colin

Nicky and Colin have found each other years ago (since 2008 to be more specific) at a party, and from day 1 the connection was there. They spoted each other, started talking and it was like these two souls were matched in heaven and came back to earth to find each other and spend their lived together. This seems to true, that the year is 2020 and, they are getting married!!! Isn't this perfection? They have meet and their hearts already knew even if they themselves didn't, that they were meant to be together. I am very excited for this dear couple of mine, they are very special to me also because Colin and I work at the same client once or twice a week. We barely have the time to talk, but Colin quickly asked me if I could be their wedding photographer. Of Course!!! I was honored and I got even more excited when I met Nicole, this sweet and smart lady, who is passionate about her fiancé, her family and work. You guys are so cute together, makes my heart smile :) They are planning their wedding at the Camp Deep Creek this upcoming October. Only a [...]

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A Personal Post From Daysy: How 2020 Made Me Grow

Hi There, Here I go, I am dropping the veil and getting a bit personal with you guys today, I hope you don't mind. Because if you do, it is ok to go back to my cute couple's posts :)   The Challenges of 2020 and the pandemic Yes, 2020 has been a challenging and exciting year at the same time. The challenges with COVID19, the negativity, the quarantine, the losses of lives, the losses of income and on and on have surpassed our imaginations. We have to be sitting still to wait it go away, but we know this will go on for a little longer than we really want to. However, I am the kind of person who likes to see the positive side, even in the hard times. So I took that forced "break" and made it worth it in many ways. I had dedicate extra time to spend with my kids, and having to learn how to homeschool (which game us parents, a great perspective of our kid's teachers great skills and what they go thru to educate them. It made me even more appreciative of all they do for the community). I have also took [...]

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Sneak Peek: Martin’s Crosswinds, Greenbelt Wedding ~ Lizet & Saul

The year of 2020 coudn't start any better, with the wedding of two of my favorite people. Lizet and Saul. They choose Martin Crosswinds Greenbelt to have friends and family joining together to celebrate their love. Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Portillo. Enjoy this short sneak peek before the big blog post hits on with more details. And remember their Washington DC Engagement Photos on this link        

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Belmont Historic Manor in Elkridge MD Rustic and Elegant Wedding ~ Rebekah + Jeffrey

Belmont Historic Manor in Elkridge MD was the place where Rebekah and Jeffrey have chosen to celebrate the day they started their new family, surrounded by their family and friends. It was a day filled with love, happy tears and so many unforgettable moments. Bekah and Jeff have met at the West Virginia University. They started dating, but before Jeff decided to pop the question, Jeff had asked Bekah’s fathers permission and planned a special evening involving their closest friends and family. he said to her “I love you so much, I love you more and more every day, will you marry me?”. Bekah fighting back tears shook her head yes and then finally out loud said “yes” for the crowd to hear. Click HERE remember their engagement love story. Enjoy their beautiful wedding photos below and take an insight on their planning experience. Attention: if you were a guest at their wedding, please visit the private gallery on this link.   * Daysy's Signature Shot * Daysy's Signature Shot Daysy: How long after you were engaged did you get married? Bekah & Jeff: About 9 months   Daysy: What would be your top 3 planning [...]

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