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Here I go, I am dropping the veil and getting a bit personal with you guys today, I hope you don’t mind. Because if you do, it is ok to go back to my cute couple’s posts 🙂

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The Challenges of 2020 and the pandemic

Yes, 2020 has been a challenging and exciting year at the same time. The challenges with COVID19, the negativity, the quarantine, the losses of lives, the losses of income and on and on have surpassed our imaginations. We have to be sitting still to wait it go away, but we know this will go on for a little longer than we really want to.

However, I am the kind of person who likes to see the positive side, even in the hard times. So I took that forced “break” and made it worth it in many ways. I had dedicate extra time to spend with my kids, and having to learn how to homeschool (which game us parents, a great perspective of our kid’s teachers great skills and what they go thru to educate them. It made me even more appreciative of all they do for the community). I have also took the time to work on the business regular activities + help my couples with their concerns and working on their reschedules due to the pandemic. Phew, is 2020 over yet?

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Vegan what?

Aren’t you Curious about this curious Chicken? 😀

Now, on a more personal level, here’s some news, that quite honestly, didn’t need all of that introductions, but I think it is kinda cool, because I have always wanted to try, and if finally happened in a more meaningful way. I became vegan. I have to confess I have started because I wanted to be healthier, lose a few pounds and eat better. As the time progressed, I started to become more interested on learning how the animals were treated before coming to our plate, and it really hit hard on my heart. Long story short, I had added this as the most important reason why from now on, I was going to continue on a plant based diet. For myself and for the animals. That also taught me to appreciate cooking and I am learning to create so many amazing and delicious dishes. Yay for seasoning!

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But hey, it does not stop here. After this whole “cleansing” on my body, it sort of triggered something I was not so aware of before. My spirituality. I wonder if anyone has gone thru the same, but for me, things started happening like dreams and even experiences in awaken state (I can talk to that in private if anyone is interested and going thru the same). The best way to describe it is as before, I was walking on the dark and, then someone came and gave me a flashlight.

My life has a new perspective now. I feel awaken and alive, and eager to learn everything I can in order to help myself, my family and my friends too to achieve a better life, because life does not end here, friends! That is no way you can experience something so good, and don’t feel like sharing it, this is why I am posting it.

Again friends, life doesn’t stop here. So knowing this, make sure to live with love, care and help others as you would care for yourself, meditate to find your path and remember that Jesus was sent here to be a model to humanity. When in doubt if you are doing something right or wrong, ask yourself: what would Jesus have done in my place. That will help you to follow the right path.

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2020 is a year of change and even though it might be bringing lots of pain, it is also bringing lots of great personal growth, and I am open and thankful for that. This is how I want to share my story on the future when I look back at these challenging times. Try to always look on the positive side and do your best to help yourself, human kind and nature, because the negative part will always come without you even asking. We need to raise our positive vibration. Namaste 🙂

And let’s go back to cute and amazing couples!!


Photo Credit: Huge Thanks to my beautiful friend, Agnes Dodge (Energy Healing and Friends)  for clicking my camera button for me! Yay for quarantine & huge lens photoshoot, keeping friends 6ft apart! 😀