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Video Testimonial: Julia and Jeff’s Star Wars Wedding. The Experience!

I have been quite busy this whole season, and now finally have the time to catch up in a few other projects I have been excited to share about. And I am so excited to have had my dearest couple Julia & Jeff coming over at the studio to pick up their products and to share their wedding experience with me and everyone.

We thank you for entrusting us with your most precious memories. The thoughts you have shared help inspire us. That is the most important factor that motivates us to do the best we can and provide the best experience for our couples. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with us. As a result, help our team to provide the best personal and professional service that we can offer you on your special day.

See Julia & Jeff special day in full HERE!

Watch their Full Video Testimonial below!

Video Testimonial: Julia and Jeff’s Star Wars Wedding. The Experience! from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.

Video Testimonial: Julia and Jeff’s Star Wars Wedding. The Experience! from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.


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Video Testimonial: Julia and Jeff’s Star Wars Wedding. The Experience!


When you are looking for Vendors there are so many different options. And when you’re planning a wedding you have to organize the venue, photography, videography and flowers, cake and catering. There are so many different vendors to pick out and there is a sense of overload. And you become overwhelmed with all the different choices and how to do that.

And personally, for us we decided that photography and then as we met Daysy video became our number one priority with our wedding in terms of you know the budget. What we were going to not skimp on just make sure that we really picked the absolute right people. Flowers and cakes sure we wanted people that were professional and gave us what we wanted but those were things that at the end of the day they are gone.

And so our biggest priority was making sure that our photography team was on the same page as us. We were all working together as a well-oiled machine and that we all have the same priorities. And that was really our number one priority in terms of choosing vendors. So it was a difficult decision and a really important decision. But we definitely made the right one.

Jeff: Ideas of our own that we had never thought of before. Which again shows a certain kind of investment in the process on your end and not just on our end. So that was a big thing at least for me that was a big thing.

Julia: Your team has the perfect blend of professionalism and personal connection. I mean obviously running the business there are certain formalities that have to happen and so I appreciated that there was effective communication like I would send Daysy an email and she would get back to me within a couple of hours most of the time unless she was out on another event. So that was really great cause I had a lot of questions so I bothered her a lot. She was very on top of making sure that she was prepared for our day. But then it was that personal connection as well. I can say hey! I really want to make sure that we get pictures of him and I having a lightsaber fight.

Jeff: Which I won

Julia: Have you seen the pictures? I won.

Jeff: I may have had to stab you in the back but I won.

Julia: So Daysy was totally on board with that and was able to combine her professional experience and her creative vision with what I want. She was able to take what I kind of had a vision of and really brought that vision to life in a professional and creative way. The video, then the photos, the album and the pictures are the only thing that we have left and will have for the next 50 years. So it definitely was the majority of our wedding budget and that’s kind of hard to swallow sometimes but it was definitely worth it. It was a good decision to make the video and the photo a priority and four months later we are still enjoying those and I am having trouble remembering what my cake tasted like a little and you know the flowers were pretty but they are gone. However, I can still look at the photos and watch the video and relive our day. We came in saying that we absolutely did not want video and we are only here for photography. Therefore Daysy said alright I respect that but let me just show you this example and if you still don’t want it then we will move right along. But just see what our work is and so we watched it and then immediately we were like Ok! Yes we need video.

The video example that she showed us was just so impressive and not like anything we had seen before and so we left the meeting. And still had a couple of other photographers to meet with at that time and so we met with them. We were weighing our options and decide. One of the things in addition to the personal connection that we felt with Daysy. And one of the things that convinced us to go with her company and team is the amazing video that she was able to provide in addition to the great photography as well.

Jeff: And I think the team as well. Daysy mentioned during our additional meeting more than once that she brings a team of people that she knows. And not just that she puts an add up and whoever says I will go with you goes with you. Most of the photographers that we talked to didn’t really mention that they said they might bring an assistant to help with the equipment and stuff.

Again the wedding hadn’t happened yet but we envisioned a lot of stuff going on. And the fact that Daysy was already thinking about having that team there as opposed to just her actually was another selling point for us. Because we wanted to make sure that multiple things could be captured and not just one camera following us around.

Julia: And other people did say that they could hire a second photographer to come as well. But it was kind of like another businessperson that would be coming with them and not necessarily a close-knit team that works together and knows each other’s style. They know how to interact with each and stay out of each other’s way during the filming and photography shots. Really like a well-oiled machine so that was another thing that made us think that Ok! Things are going to go well on our wedding day.

Jeff: We kind of knew from the beginning that we didn’t want that formal fancy and I think you guys fit that very well. Because you are very personable and that comes into your work. And Like we said a lot of the people that we dealt with or other people that we met with dint have that. So it didn’t really match what we were going for even for the aura of the wedding.

Julia: This actually was in my mailbox at the school where I work. It was very surprising because we didn’t have a Star Wars wedding to have a spectacle. We didn’t try to get into the new paper and we didn’t do it for anyone else or for a publicity stunt or anything.

Jeff: We didn’t even think of this as a possibility.

Julia: It did not even occur to us. So we just did it for us and for our enjoyment and the guests that were at our wedding.

Jeff: But mostly for us.

Julia: And so when there was Daysy blog post and then there was the newspaper article and the front of the wedding website. Everything just snowballed and it was like wow we totally did not expect it to becomes this big. It’s our wedding it was a day for us to share and celebrate with our closest friends and family. And all of a sudden its in the new paper and people are excited about our wedding that we have never met before.

Frederick Weddings, by Frederick News-Post featured Julia & Jeff’s wedding in print

Julia & Jeff, thank you so much, for coming by. It was very important to learn your side of the experience and appreciate even more the whole process! We hope to see you again soon 🙂

Vendor Love:

Photography & Video: Daysy Film & Photo | www.byDaysy.com
Wedding Planner: Classic Occasions by Caitlin Wedding Planning
DJ: Wizer Productions
Hair & Makeup: JVC Studio, LLC
Caterer: Fine Cuisine Catering
Cake: Piece O’ Cake, LLC
Florist: Forever Blossoms Floral Designs
Dress: Posh Bridal
Officiant: Andy Vineberg | HaveLoveWeddings.com
Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc.
Star Wars Characters: Old Line Garrison, 501st Legion

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