Wedding questions frequently asked by our couples…

– When to hire a wedding photographer?

That is a personal answer since the couple is the one who decides when to book a wedding photographer… but that are a few things to take into consideration and that will help the client to understand that time does matter when deciding when to book a photographer. Here are some opinions: Brides.com suggests 6 months while The Knot says 6 to 8 months and by WeddingWire, they suggest 6 months. I personally say 10-12 months, and that is the average our clients book us.

The reason is that the top talent will book first, so hiring a wedding photographer close to a year before your wedding day gives you more time and plenty of options. As soon as you pick your wedding day you should start looking for your photographer. Of course, that will be more choices for later days, but the photographer and videographer you loved may be booked so you have to start your search all over again. By the way, our work starts as soon as you book us, that is another reason to book too short on the game, because that is a whole planning before your big day, and that can’t be skipped or rushed.

– Roughly how many images are captured in the day?

On average, in the past, it’s about 100 images per hour.

– Are all the photos watermarked? I don’t remember seeing a watermark on the photos we looked at. Not a big deal, just curious…

Each photo will be delivered in 2 versions:
High resolution: are for printing for private usage
Web optimized file: these are for public use. They will have a watermark.