“This is a new day, a new beginning.” – Ahsoka Tano
Another page on Julia and Jeff’s fairy tale was written on May 4th, a date specially chosen by them. They LOVE Star Wars and Disney, so what would be more fitting than tying the knot on Star Wars Day?  Linganore Winecellars was the venue this couple chose to celebrate their union.
Their love for this “magical world” didn’t stop there. They carefully chose the Disney and Star Wars elements for this special day to reflect their enthusiastic and vibrating style, and through a short, and simple ceremony that provided a fun and comfortable wedding to their family and friends.
Check out the highlights of Julia and Jeff wedding day, along with their interview.

The force will be with you, Always!

Attention: if you were a guest at this event, please visit the private gallery on this link.

Julia and Jeff Wedding Highlights from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.


bride and groom with star wars characters R2D2

brinde and groom standing at a winery room

bride and groom exit with light sabers

wedding rings on star wars lego people


Top 3 tips for future brides:

  1. Your day will fly by. Everyone will tell you this, and they are not exaggerating. Do the best you can to pause throughout the night and soak it up. Schedule as much “down time” in between events as you can so you can relax a bit.
  2. Invest in photography/videography. (No, Daysy did not ask me to say this!) At the end of the day, everything else is gone- flowers, food, cake, decor, etc. Photos & video are what will last and help you remember the day that goes by in the blink of an eye (see above!). If you are doing a first look, get as many hours of coverage as you can afford and start as early as possible- posed photos take twice as long as you think they will.  
  3. Consider a receiving line. These used to be a thing of the past, but are making a comeback. We didn’t do one, and I wish we had. With a receiving line, you are assured to at least say hello to all of your guests, and it helps keep the conversations short so that you don’t get “stuck” talking to one person for too long (at least at that point in the evening). It’s easy to get caught up in conversation with those you see infrequently or from your spouse’s side that you are meeting for the first time. I enjoyed those conversations, but I didn’t get a chance to even say hello to some of our guests, and I feel so bad about it.

wedding dress on a disney hanger

Adding an extra because I couldn’t decide which tip to leave out…

  1. Hire a “day of” coordinator. I cannot imagine how stressful the day would have been without one.

wedding shoes Mikey mouse

wedding ring close to wedding dress

maid of honor helping bride to get ready bottom wedding dress

maid of honor helping bride to get ready bottom wedding dress

bride standing close to window holding bouquet of flowers

father of bride kissing bride's forehead


What was your color palette and wedding style? What inspired it? Tell us about the flowers, stationery, and decor you chose.

We had a rustic style wedding, infused with Disney and Star Wars themed decorations. Our main color was teal, as it’s one of my favorite colors. I looked at pictures of weddings on Pinterest and found flowers, stationery, and style of decorations that appealed to me.

best man and groom buttoning cufflinks

best man helping groom to fix his tie

groom showing star wars cufflink

groom standing inside of winery

Did you have a first look before the ceremony? If yes, how can you describe that moment?

Yes. It was very special seeing each other before everyone else did. Jeff wanted to be completely surprised with my look and didn’t want to know anything my dress, hair, etc. beforehand. I loved seeing his reaction when he saw me for the first time. We loved spending time just the two of us before the evening got busy. It also helped us get a lot of pictures out of the way early and not sacrifice so much time away from our guests later.

groom waiting for bride for their first look

groom seeing bride for first time

bride and groom first look

Where did you have your wedding? Why did you choose the location?

We had our wedding at Linganore Winecellars. We chose it because of the beauty of the grounds and the inside hall.


Describe any personal or special touches that helped make Your Wedding Memorable.:

We partially chose our wedding day of May 4th because it’s ‘Star Wars Day’, and Jeff loves, loves, loves Star Wars! I put in a request for the local chapter of a Star Wars character volunteer organization to appear at our wedding, and they so kindly granted that request. It made our wedding very unique and memorable. It’s not every day that guests can mingle with stormtroopers and R2-D2!

We also had many Disney elements for our wedding- decorations, our cake, place cards, etc. Disney is one of the things that brought us together and has been a big part of our relationship. Having that theme incorporated into our wedding made it really fit us.

The Best Thing about the day:

Getting married to the love of my life, of course! 2nd to that would be the way we made the wedding fit our personalities with Disney and Star Wars.



Tell us about your wedding day fashions.

Jeff wore a black suit and I wore a ball gown style dress, with lace and a beaded/jeweled waist.



Tell us about your cocktail hour and reception! What was on the menu?

All of our food was delicious! We had crab dip and breaded mushrooms for cocktail hour, and later, chicken parmesan, beef burgundy, pasta, roasted potatoes, and grilled vegetables for dinner. Our cake was almond flavored with almond buttercream icing and was absolutely amazing! We also had some chocolate chip cookies for dessert, since those are Jeff’s favorite.



Which element(s) of your day best reflect you as a couple? What did you do to make guests feel special?

The Disney and Star Wars elements were very reflective of us, as well as the short and simple ceremony. We tried to make our guests comfortable, provide good food, and have lots of fun. We had lightsabers available for our “photo corner” and people had a blast with those.


After the day has passed, would you have anything you have done differently?

This is a tough question. I think our wedding was absolutely perfect, and I wouldn’t really want to change any of the elements. However, Jeff and I didn’t get to partake and enjoy it as much as we would have liked! So, the only thing I would have changed would be to extend the day. I would have scheduled more time for everything…started the ceremony earlier, had a longer cocktail “hour,” and an extra hour or two at the reception. I also would have started photography coverage earlier. We had a lot, but it still wasn’t enough!

couple looking at each other with blue light paint

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Emotions brought to you by:
Photography & Video: Daysy Film & Photo | www.byDaysy.com
Wedding Planner: Classic Occasions by Caitlin Wedding Planning
DJ: Wizer Productions
Hair & Makeup: JVC Studio, LLC
Caterer: Fine Cuisine Catering
Cake: Piece O’ Cake, LLC
Florist: Forever Blossoms Floral Designs
Dress: Posh Bridal
Officiant: Andy Vineberg | HaveLoveWeddings.com
Groom’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank Clothiers, Inc.
Star Wars Characters: Old Line Garrison, 501st Legion
Venue: Linganore Winecellars, Mount Airy, MD