Meet the Crew

One of the most important decisions for your wedding will be your photographer. Your photographer will be responsible for documenting your wedding day in all its raw beauty. You’ll look back on your wedding photos with your husband or wife, share the memories with future generations, and cherish that time forever.


I am an international wedding photographer living in Frederick, Maryland. I photograph love stories for couples that appreciate quality images.

I am the eyes and mind behind the lens. I love it not because I am camera shy, but because I love the look on my clients’ faces when they see how amazing they can look just by being themselves. It’s great to show how beautiful their life histories are on film!

I am a photographer, a Brazilian, and a Bossa Nova Lover.

I love interacting with everyone and creating memories that will keep their precious moments alive like they happened just yesterday. Knowing I have helped write an important piece of their life story is an honor.

  • I love my family.
  • I am a hugger (unless you tell me in advance, don’t feel awkward when I greet you with a hug!)
  • I believe that dreams come true.
  • Life can be drama-free.
  • Everyone should be treated equally. Everyone.
  • Hard work pays off!

Thanks for stopping by to check us out! And don’t let our goofiness give you the wrong impression – this is how great dreams are built, people and good humor!

Associate Photographers

While the term “associate” may give you the impression that these photographers have less experience or are less skilled, this couldn’t be further from the truth! At Daysy Film and Photo, our associate photographers have years of experience running the show as head photographers but love working with a team.

Adding the wonderful help of these skilled photographers gives us more helping hands to make sure everything runs smoothly and all the epic and fleeting moments are beautifully documented! Associate photographers also give us more flexibility and the ability to accommodate any bride and their budget.

Our team is not just one expert but a team of experts.

Our Behind-the-Scenes Office Team

The wonderful administrative team manages everything essential to the behind-the-scenes organization and logistics of running the business including planning, contracts, schedules, editing, and so much more. This gives your assigned photographer more time to focus on our main objective- you and your beautiful wedding! The cohesiveness and hard work of our team helps us deliver a 5-star experience from the moment you contact us to the final presentation of your wedding photos.


Ginny is our most precious mascot. Ginny is a Beagle who, with those eyes, you can’t say “no” to! Because Ginny’s eyes are so big, she can spot a great picture from a mile away! (But, she’s even better at smelling her favorite foods from miles away, be ready to feed her if you want a picture!)

Ginny is always on the go. She’s a traveler by heart, and when she isn’t with her human Daysy working her brain off on photoshoots, she is visiting Kristen in Florida while enjoying the waves being the center of attention on the beach!

Follow Ginny’s adventures on Daysy Film & Photo’s Instagram! And don’t be a stranger. If you see Ginny, she will be happy to take a selfie with you!