A Hole in One Love Story! A Monocacy Battlefield Engagement, Frederick MD ~ Shelby + Zack

Shelby and Zack  fell in love in a most unexpected way during spring break get away, during happy hour overlooking the Vegas Strip. Little did they know that this trip would be the start of something amazing and life altering. After many conversations and realizing there was something more than just friendship, the two decided to explore these new feelings by going on a date to Top Golf. The more they got to know each other the clearer it has become that they are simply meant to be. Now we are anxiously awaiting their big day in October at the Chartwell Golf and Country Club. In the mean time, enjoy their engagement photos along with an exclusive interview below. Daysy: How did you meet? Shelby+Zack: My sorority sister invited me on a spring break trip with her boyfriend and Zack. Our favorite part of the trip was the High Roller happy hour at the Linq hotel. We got to have drinks as we met and looked over the Vegas strip!   Daysy: Zack, when you saw her, Shelby seemed… Zack: The conversation with Shelby from the start was always natural and just felt right. We instantly found things we had in common that [...]

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A Disney Engagement Story Takes Over Gambrill State Park – Kate + Josh

Kate & Joshua have a beautiful love story, filled with magical moments and so much Disney World tales, just the way we like it. Like a fairy tale, dreamy and unique one. They will be getting married this upcoming October at the St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church in Downtown Frederick. We are so excited to be their love story teller. Check out their beautiful interview, I love how much detail they put into it, makes me feel like we have been friends forever now! We are so excited for your wedding coming up soon! Daysy: How did you meet? Kate: At work, when we both worked in the Wonder Book and Video warehouse. I was in high-anxiety mode for the first few days, and I was dating someone else at the time. Josh: We met at the Wonder Book and Video warehouse. The manager introduced Kate and two other new people to all of the employees. She seemed friendly at the time. And in case you are wondering, I didn’t have anything to do with her breaking up with her ex. And I wasn’t waiting on the sidelines for my moment to pounce. I asked her out maybe a year or [...]

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Gambrill State Park Summer Engagement Photos ~ Nicole + Colin

Nicky and Colin have found each other years ago (since 2008 to be more specific) at a party, and from day 1 the connection was there. They spoted each other, started talking and it was like these two souls were matched in heaven and came back to earth to find each other and spend their lived together. This seems to true, that the year is 2020 and, they are getting married!!! Isn't this perfection? They have meet and their hearts already knew even if they themselves didn't, that they were meant to be together. I am very excited for this dear couple of mine, they are very special to me also because Colin and I work at the same client once or twice a week. We barely have the time to talk, but Colin quickly asked me if I could be their wedding photographer. Of Course!!! I was honored and I got even more excited when I met Nicole, this sweet and smart lady, who is passionate about her fiancé, her family and work. You guys are so cute together, makes my heart smile :) They are planning their wedding at the Camp Deep Creek this upcoming October. Only a [...]

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Emily and Brad, Two Lacrosse Coaches Engaged ~ Frederick Downtown MD

And then this happened: 2 amazing Lacrosses coaches fall in love! But want to hear even better news: they decide to get married! This is just so perfect! Specially when we hear how their whole story happened. Now seriously, let me be done typing, because I want you to read from Emily and Brad how they have met and their love story on their exclusive interview. Enjoy their photos too, they are as beautiful as this lovely couple. I am so happy for you two!!! Next, it is to get ready for their Stone Tower Winery in May 2020! Emily, tell us about the Proposal: Brad had cleverly asked his parents to ask me to plan him a 30th surprise birthday party. I was super excited when they called said it would be a great idea! I started a Facebook group invite, inviting all of our friends and family. We picked the place, Blue Side in downtown Frederick on June 21st a week before his actual birthday. It was the only weekend that worked in our busy lacrosse recruiting summer schedules. As I was bringing Brad down to Blue Side for our “date night” I was pleased with myself on [...]

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An Airport and a Golf Club, the Perfect Match for this Engaged Couple ~ Nice and Pavel

Love is in the air... Literally! Nice and Pavel have many reasons to celebrate life. But the most important fact, is that they have found love within each other, and from there, the family only continues to grow! This beautiful couple have met in Pittsburgh, PA and now they are about to get married and celebrate their union with families coming from all over the place to meet all in Pittsburgh. On a personal note, they are also personal friends of ours, which makes things even more exciting when being chosen to capture such a beautiful milestone on their lives. Their November wedding is approaching and you will probably see me preaching this all over the place, because Nice holds a special place in my heart, she is my sister from another mother, so being able to witness this beautiful union to the wonderful man she chose, Pavel really melts my heart. Nice and Pavel, I am so happy for you both, and I can't wait for your wedding!!! Enjoy their beautiful photos and interview too :) Location 1: Frederick Municipal Airport, MD Daysy: How did you meet? Nice and Pavel: We met in Downtown Pittsburgh  * Daysy's Signature [...]

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Vendor Love #3: Blossom and Basket Boutique, with Rene Bonde Shiffler. Flower Arrangement Pro-Tips!

Vendor Love is about some of the amazing vendors I had/have the pleasure to work with at weddings and events, so we definitely share a common story, a common day where we have worked together to make a couple’s dream come true. I want to get to know more of these amazing professionals, and on top of it, I want to make sure my couples know about them too and recommend them all the way (I want them to have the best out of the best for the day)!!! Blossom and Basket Boutique started by "accident" and today, is one of the most reputable and respectable florist designers in the DMV area. They are located Mt. Airy, MD but their clients travel them all over the DMV area for their expertise to create arrangements that are unique to their names. Today, on the 3rd episode of Vendor Love, my guest Rene Bonde Shiffler the Co-Owner and Lead Floral Designer shared with us their stories and pro tips on what to look for when searching for the perfect flower arrangement for your day! Company Name: Blossom and Basket Boutique Serving: MD, VA, DC, PA Who to ask for: Rene or Ellie (don’t forget [...]

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Sushi and Bromo Seltzer Tower Baltimore Engagement Adventure ~ Betty & Jon

Hi Daysy Film & Photo readers! Today we are talking about a romantic and spicy couple: Betty and Jon.  Their engagement session was shot in in Baltimore Downtown, check it out: We walked around Federal Hill, Baltimore to start the day, and moved into the RA Sushi Bar Restaurant where they treated my assistant Maira and I some yummy lunch as we waited for the tower scheduled time to get in. YUMMY! It was just perfect, we took some cute pictures at this cozy restaurant, that they used to go while they lived close by (a perfect date, I would say!). And to close the day, we finished at the amazing historic and rustic Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower, in Baltimore. What a lovely couple and it is amazing when we are able to create this connection with the couples that go beyond the photos. The fun part is that 2018 wedding season is going to be over this weekend with 2 amazing weddings on the flow... And Betty & Jon will actually OPEN the 2019 season and I couldn't be happier to see them again soon! They are planning their wedding at the Baltimore Museum of Industry (I personally love the tower photos, [...]

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Fun engagement session, Baker Park – Frederick, MD ~ Natalie & Sean

It is time to share Natalie and Sean love story! They are such a fun couple that added so much enthusiasm and creativity in their photo shooting at Baker Park in Maryland. They met each other at a music festival in Baltimore and of course, the rest is just love! He proposed to her in their first night in Punta Cana and Natalie could not believe that it was real! It was and now they are planning their big day! They share similar hobbies and interests and value love and ambition. Some of their hobbies include the love for music because of course, it was what brought them together. Besides that they love traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, and painting! Check out their engagement session and their love story interview below. […]

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Nature Lovers, Engagement Session at Rust Nature Sanctuary, Leesburg VA ~ Jewel & Paul

They are always exploring new places, traveling and learning new things. They are very curious and adventurous and they share the same love for nature.  Paul proposed to Jewel on the sunset of Sombrero Beach, Florida. Now, they chose the Rust Nature Sanctuary for their engagement session. They surround themselves by nature and let the seed of love grows every day more and more.  We are so happy with the result of this engagement session. It is so inspiring to look at this couple who share the same outlook on life and bring a peaceful and harmonious energy. Check out their engagement session followed by their lovely interview.  Let love blossom! […]

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