And then this happened: 2 amazing Lacrosses coaches fall in love! But want to hear even better news: they decide to get married! This is just so perfect! Specially when we hear how their whole story happened. Now seriously, let me be done typing, because I want you to read from Emily and Brad how they have met and their love story on their exclusive interview. Enjoy their photos too, they are as beautiful as this lovely couple. I am so happy for you two!!!
Next, it is to get ready for their Stone Tower Winery in May 2020!

Emily, tell us about the Proposal:

Brad had cleverly asked his parents to ask me to plan him a 30th surprise birthday party. I was super excited when they called said it would be a great idea! I started a Facebook group invite, inviting all of our friends and family. We picked the place, Blue Side in downtown Frederick on June 21st a week before his actual birthday. It was the only weekend that worked in our busy lacrosse recruiting summer schedules. As I was bringing Brad down to Blue Side for our “date night” I was pleased with myself on how well I had thought this surprise was going. Brad is very good at figuring things out so I was excited to surprise him. Little did I know that after we sang happy birthday to him, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I can still remember that feeling of watching him go down on one knee and it taking my breath away. Then the feeling of every kind of emotion coming over me afterwards as I put the ring on! 

* Daysy Signature Shot ~ Emily and Brad walking down Carroll Creek Park, in Frederick MD


How did you meet? 

Brad and I met at Hood College in Frederick, MD. Brad was the head men’s lacrosse coach and I was an assistant coach at the time. We had known of each other that first year and then that following summer we really hit it off. Downtown Frederick hosts Alive at Five events and Brad came up to me that night and it all started from there. 


What are some common hobbies and interests that the two of you share?

We are both easy going and share a lot of the same interests. We love spending time with family, hanging out at breweries or wineries, date night at our favorite restaurants, or just sitting on the couch with our dog Lucy and watching movies. We both love the game of lacrosse and have gone to a few games together or I like to tag along to some of his club practices and walk Lucy around. 

Where did you go for your 1st date? 

We went to Lightfoot Restaurant in Leesburg, VA which is were we are having our rehearsal dinner!

Describe what you most absolutely have in common?

Family – we both value and prioritize time with our families. Both sides are welcoming and we love to spend time with everyone.
Lacrosse – It’s our passion, our careers and something we enjoy a lot

Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?

Yes and no, we both know we want to go somewhere tropical but we are trying to decide when. We both have busy recruiting schedules in the summer so either right after our wedding or sometime in December is ideal for us. 

How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years? 

I imagine us living in a new home with one or two kids by then with Lucy. I can see myself drinking red wine while Brad is at the table doing work and the kids are getting into something crazy. 

Brad, describe 3 things that you absolutely love about Emily

Emily is my better half. It’s hard to pick only 3 – she’s my world. I love that she puts a lot of value in her relationships – family, friends, athletes. She has taught me to slow down, enjoy the little things – she’s made me a better man. We have fun literally doing nothing together.

Emily, describe 3 things that you absolutely love about Brad?

Brad is selfless, he cares deeply for his family and loved ones. He is hard working, he puts a lot of effort into his work whether that is coaching or running an event. He makes me a better person, he supports me in everything that I do and I love being around him. 



Any special song?

Chris Lane came out with Big, Big, Plans the week leading up to our engagement. I was blasting it every chance I got in the house. Everytime I hear that song I think of the day I was playing it in the kitchen and dancing around to Brad when I had no idea he was proposing the next day! 

When you saw Brad, HE seemed…

Confident and welcoming

When you saw Emily, SHE seemed…

Lost, as she was walking around the athletic building – she was interviewing for the assistant women’s lacrosse position. First impression: Very Kind and Nice

Are on your plans having children?

Yes! We definitely plan on having kids! 

What was your favorite part of the photo shoot?

It was my first time ever having photos done, I loved getting a feel for it and feeling more comfortable. It definitely helps to have an engagement photo shoot before your wedding because I am sure I would have been so awkward on our wedding day! 

Describe your relationship in two words:

Simply Perfect

And just out of curiosity, I wanted to also know a few extra questions..

How did you find out about us?

We were referred to you from a friend of ours! Shannon and Ian used you for their wedding and my aunt works with Ian! You came highly recommended and we were so excited to start the process! 

What caught your eyes about our work?

 After browsing through all social media for you guys, I was so impressed with the colors that catch your eye in every picture. You capture the love and happiness between the couples and it made us very excited for our wedding day. We also took a look at some of the wedding videos, and we loved them! We knew your work would capture our special day. 


Awwwn, that is so special. We feel the connection too, actually ever since you walked the studio, I knew were were meant to be!! Now, let the wedding plans start, because we are on countdown mode!!!! 🙂


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