Love is a blessing, and it can be shown through simple things. Sometimes, it can also be tested with hardships life can present you with. Kristen and Don had passed all these tests together!
Donald had the engagement ring at home for a couple weeks. He was trying to find the perfect moment to propose Kristen and, in between some attempts, Donald saw the perfect opportunity in a simple moment such as a daily life chore.
Kristen is a cancer survivor. Now, cancer free, they are planning their wedding for this upcoming August and exciting times await to shine on the life of these beautiful souls!

Read more about their story about love and overcoming, followed by their stunning session.

bride to be and groom to be kissing under the tree baker park leaves on top of the couple

couple looking to each other with bridge in the back in Frederick

couple seating on the grass posing to the photo in the Baker Park Frederick

engagement ring close up with leaves around

How did you meet?

We met online on a dating website. I think I ‘liked” his picture first and then he followed. But he was the first person to send me a message. We talked for a short period of time before we decided to meet up at Baker Park in Frederick. We sat on a bench and talked for 2 hours, the rest is history.

couple seating on a bench in Baker Park Frederick

couple seating on the grass and looking to each other with trees around of them

Where did you go for your 1st date?

I made the suggestion to go to a Baltimore Orioles game and we both like baseball. So I drove to his apartment and picked him up. I was so nervous that I was late and we were late to the game too, but we had such a great time.


How did he/she propose? Can you describe that moment?

Kristen and I were outside doing some yard work and she jokingly asked if I was ever going to propose to her. I walked into the garage, got the ring which I had picked out a few weeks before and proposed right there. We were both covered in dirt and she had a shovel in her hand which she subsequently threw to the ground when I got down on one knee. She covered her face and immediately start crying tears of joy after I hardly managed to get out an “I love you, will you marry me?”. I decided to propose in our backyard after two other proposal attempts outside, but Kristen was too cold for me to make what I wanted to happen. But the way this happened, we both loved it and wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

couple kissing each other on the grass in Baker Park Frederick

engagement ring close up on a piece of wood

what are some common hobbies/interests that the two of you share?


We both enjoy being outside – fishing, hiking and yard work are enjoyable. Kristen took me to my first dirt track race at Williams Grove and now it is something we both enjoy when it’s warm out. We both love sports. Every year we manage to go to Orioles baseball games and Capitals hockey games. Just any activity we can spend time together, we make it fun. Whether going to visit a city somewhere and sightsee or just night at the movies. We make everything enjoyable together.

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How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

I  know that the time between now and the next 5 years, Kristen and I will be growing to love one another more every day. The same things will still take place and we’ll both be just as goofy and loving toward one another.



couple looking to each other with flowers and trees around


Donald, Describe something that you absolutely love about Kristen

Something that I absolutely love about Kristen (which I didn’t really know until last year) was that this woman I’m going to marry is much stronger than I will ever be. She has the ability to see the best in every situation and has a positive outlook on life.


Kristen, Describe something that you absolutely love about Donald

He makes me laugh more than anyone on this planet. I love his personality and I can’t help but smile every time I look at him. He has the type of character where he gets along with everyone, he has such a sweet soul, and would do anything for anyone. I deeply admire that.

Describe your relationship in two words

Supportive, Energetic

bride to be kissing groom to be at Baker Park in Frederick

bride to be putting her hat on her fiance at Baker Park Frederick

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Kristen, you are a cancer survivor and for that, you are a big inspiration for people going thru the same situation now. You have discovered true love in a very vulnerable moment of your life. From your personal experience, what message do you have to share with people about love and commitment not only to health and happiness but also on the hardest moments of life?

When you choose to commit to someone you love them no matter what happens. You are a team and when going through hard times, you lift each other up and support them. There were times through my illness that I thought I wasn’t going to make it. Donald was always with me and never left my side and every second assured me we were going to get through this, and we did. There may be bad days but you just have to remember to stick together no matter how hard it gets and never lose your faith in each other.

bride to be posing with a hat hiding half of her face

bride to be seating on a bench in Baker Park in Frederick



Donald, what gave you the strength to support Kristen on her cancer battle. Would you have any message to share with people going thru a similar situation? Would you do anything different today?  

Honestly, my strength came from Kristen. There were good days and bad had down at Hopkins but she kept a smile and at least pretended that everything was ok through it all even though it wasn’t. For others who could be in a similar situation, there isn’t a whole lot to be said. Either you love your partner through the good times AND the bad or you won’t be together. I wouldn’t do anything different today other than try to have been there with her a bit more.

couple and family smiling and having fun at Baker Park in Frederick