It is time to share Natalie and Sean love story!

They are such a fun couple that added so much enthusiasm and creativity in their photo shooting at Baker Park in Maryland. They met each other at a music festival in Baltimore and of course, the rest is just love! He proposed to her in their first night in Punta Cana and Natalie could not believe that it was real! It was and now they are planning their big day!

They share similar hobbies and interests and value love and ambition. Some of their hobbies include the love for music because of course, it was what brought them together. Besides that they love traveling, hiking, camping, kayaking, and painting!

Check out their engagement session and their love story interview below.

couple in front of the the Baker Park Maryland

close up at the engagement ring at the baker park in maryland

How did you meet?

We met at a music festival in Baltimore, Starscape, back in 2010. We both came to the festival separately, and ran into mutual friends….the rest is history.

couple looking to each other with trees around them at baker park in maryland

Where did you go for your 1st date?

Nothing fancy – we went to Bertucci’s.

couple sitting on the stairs at baker park in maryland

couple walking in direction to each other at baker park in maryland

When you saw her, SHE seemed…

Sexy and fun.

When you saw him, HE seemed…

Shirtless…hot…sweaty…and I really just wanted to walk up and start kissing him.

How did he/she propose? Can you describe that moment?

It was our first night in Punta Cana. We just ate dinner and took a walk up to the beach at sunset. We were sitting in a little gazebo off the beach when he dropped to one knee. I honestly don’t remember much of what he said, because I was immediately in disbelief. I kept saying “this can’t be real, are you serious?” After the initial shock wore off, I started to cry…and of course, said YES!

couple looking to each other and laughing with trees around them at baker park in maryland

couple kissing each other with ring on close up at baker park in maryland

What are some common interests that the two of you share?

Our love of music is what brought us together. Being big into the music and festival scene, it was important for each of us to have a partner that can “hang” in that environment. As we have grown as a couple throughout the years, our love of music still remains, but we have started to focus more on traveling. We enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and painting.

props on the grass at baker park maryland

couple laughing with props umbrella and hat at baker park maryland

Describe your relationship in two words:


groom to be with a fun hat at baker park maryland

bride to be hanging fun umbrella at baker park in maryland

Are you planning to honeymoon?

If yes, where do you have plans to go to? Yes! We are interested in making a trip out west to visit Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.

couple hiding behind fun umbrella at baker park in maryland

How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?

I see us continuing to travel, and taking on the world as a team. I hope 5 years from now we are in the house with a little corgi, and maybe a baby on the way. We shall see the universe has in store for us!

Describe what you absolutely have in common?

When we are not watching movies, we enjoy being in nature and spending quality time with good friends and family.

Any special song?

Ruben & Cherise by The Grateful Dead.

Describe 3 things that you absolutely love about HER

  • I love that she’s ambitious and motivates me to do better for myself.
  • I love that she’s there for me when I need her.
  • I love that we have a good time together no matter what we are doing or where we are.

Describe 3 things that you absolutely love about HIM

  • I love that he’s down to earth, which keeps me grounded.
  • I love that he’s always making me laugh.
  • I love that he always goes out of his way to make sure I’m taken care of.

What made this photoshoot so special to you two?

It was a chance for us to get out of our comfort zone and do something we would not normally do. Being present and at the moment gave us the ability to truly focus on one another, which created such a magical moment that brought us closer together.

What was your favorite part of the photoshoot?

Making out lol.


Photography: Daysy Film & Photo

Location: Baker Park, Frederick MD