Viviane and Fabricio are a Brazilian couple who just celebrated their Silver Anniversary. Yes, they have been married for 25 years! How inspiring is that!
Find out how they met and what is their secret for a happy and strong marriage in this exclusive interview! Viviane & Fabricio, you are inspiration, congratulations on your Silver Anniversary!

Note: if you were a guest at this event, and you would like to view the entire gallery and possibly order images of yourself for personal use, make sure to visit Viviane & Fabricio Gallery (tons of pictures. Be warned, it will be fun! 🙂

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Daysy: How did you two meet and how long did you date before you decided you wanted to get married?
Viviane & Fabricio: We’ve met at a party through his sister whom was from my group of friends. We immediately noticed an affinity between us. Two weeks later, we saw each other in a nightclub when we shared our first kiss and from then on we started dating. Curiously, I knew his sister for a while and have been to her house a few times, met their younger brother, but never heard about Fabricio. I was completely surprised when I learned she has an older brother. Probably because by that time he was on the air force which was in another city. Everything happened so fast, within a year, on May, 4th 1990 we’ve got married. I remember by the time our parents were concerned with our decision since we were too young . We both believe that everything happens for a reason, in our case, it was meant to be.Three years later we’ve decided to start a new chapter in our lives, moving to the USA.

Daysy: 25 years of marriage is a wonderful milestone for a couple. It is very inspiring! What is your secret to keep your marriage happy and strong for all these years? Spill your secrets! 🙂
Viviane & Fabricio: From the beginning our relationship has been based on mutual respect, trust and love. We are very independent, and we share our decisions, chores and responsibilities without pressuring each other. We never allow outer problems interferer on our relationship. We take care of each other with love. I guess that’s about it!

Daysy: How did he/she propose? Can you describe that moment?
Viviane & Fabricio: We went out for dinner and Fabricio proposed!

They have decided to surprise their guests with a small ceremony to renew their vows! They booth went upstairs and changed their first outfits for a beautiful gowns.

Daysy: What was your color palette and style? What inspired it? Tell us about the flowers, stationery and decor you chose. 
Viviane & Fabricio: We chose focusing on white and silver that symbolize the silver wedding anniversary.

Daysy: Viviane, describe something that you absolutely love about your husband.
Viviane: I love Fabricio’s determination and courage.

Daysy: Fabricio, describe something that you absolutely love about your wife.
Fabricio: I love so many things about Viviane. I love how strong, smart and hardworking she is and how much effort she puts in everything she does.

Daysy: Describe any personal or special touches that helped make Wedding Anniversary Event Memorable.
Viviane & Fabricio: Luciano and Marcelle Pino’s help on finding the best professional team.
Cecilia Pinto, she took the effort and dedication on writing the speech and being the speaker on our ceremony.
Regiane e Solange Brandani, they kindly helped me to decide on the wedding anniversary ceremony details.

What a beautiful decoration by Sandy’s Events!

Gourmet by Pino’s fine delicacies are just practical and appealing to the eyes. I tried it, and OMG, so delicious!!

Rebolisso Band was set up to start playing, and it sure got everyone out of their seats to dance all night long!

Daysy: The Best Thing about the day:
Viviane & Fabricio: Enjoy a special moment surrounded by friends.

Daysy: Top 3 tips for a wedding anniversary planning:
1. Focus on what you want, not on what will impress everybody.
2. Choose the right people to organize it.
3. Enjoy it!

Daysy: How did you hear about Daysy Photography and why have you decided to go with us? (I am extra curious on that one)? 😀 
Viviane & Fabricio: We’ve had the opportunity of seeing Daysy Photography’s work at our friends wedding in 2013 and on the beginning of this year on their daughter’s birthday. When we decided to organize a party to celebrate our 25th anniversary, her name “Daysy” was the top of the list referred by either the party planner Sandra Margon (Sandy’s Events) and the Chef Marcelle Pino from Brazil Gourmet.
She definitely does an amazing job capturing the essence of a precious moment expressing it into a beautiful image!
Do I really need to say the reason why we’ve chosen Daysy Photography??? See by yourself how talented she is!

Since I don’t get the chance to take pictures with my couples that often, I am so glad they asked me to take a picture with them (ahhh, so special!). Special thanks to Sandra Margon (Sandy’s Events) for pressing the button for us 🙂 ~Daysy

Check out vendor list bellow this post, for not only inspiration but also how to make it happen with the right professionals!

 Portuguese translated interview. Traducao da entrevista para o Portugues.

Daysy: Como o Fabricio pediu voce em casamento?
Viviane: Saimos para jantar e Fabricio me pediu em casamento!

Daysy: Viviane, descreva algo que voce ama imensamente no Fabricio.
Viviane: Eu amo a determinacao e a coragem do Fabricio.

Daysy: Fabricio, descreva algo que voce ama imensamente na Viviane.
Fabricio: Eu adoro varias em Viviane. Eu adoro o quanto forte, inteligente e trabalhadora ela e. Tambem admiro sua dedicacao e determinacao em tudo que ela faz.

Daysy: Qual as cores escolhidas para o evento? Que inspiracao voces tiveram? 
Viviane & Fabricio: Nos escolhemos focar nas cores branco e prata que simbolizam as bodas de prata.

Daysy: 3 dicas para quem esta planejando uma festa de aniversario de casamento:
1. Foque no que voce quer e nao no que ira impressionar os outros.
2. Escolha as pessoas certas para preparar a festa.
3. Divirta-se!

Daysy: Descreva toques especiais que ajudaram a fazer o seu aniversario de casamento memoravel.
Viviane & Fabricio: A ajuda do Luciano e Marcelle Pino na escolha de todos os profissionais.

Daysy: O melhor momento deste dia?
Viviane & Fabricio: Aproveitar um momento especial na compania dos amigos.

Daysy: Por favor liste os nomes das pessoas mais importantes para voces e como eles estao relacionados para voces no evento.
Viviane & Fabricio: Marcelle e Luciano Pino, sem a ajuda e dedicacao deles, nos nao teriamos conseguido organizar esse evento.
Regiane e Solange Brandani, que com muito carinho me ajudaram a decidir os detalhes da ceremonia de renovacao dos votos.
Cecilia Pinto, ela escreveu o lindo texto da nossa ceremonia com muito carinho e dedicacao e foi tambem a oradora do evento.

Daysy: Como voces conheceram o trabalho da Daysy Photography e por que que decidiram por ela? (Eu estou extremamente curiosa a respeito dessa pergunta)? 😀
Viviane & Fabricio: Nos tivemos a oportunidade de ver o trabalho da Fotografa Daysy no casamentos de nossos
amigos em 2013 e no inicio desse ano na festa de aniversario da filha deles. Quando decidimos organizar uma festa para celebrar o nosso aniversario de 25 anos de casamento, o nome dela “Daysy” foi o primeiro da lista a ser sugerida tanto pela organizadora de festa Sandra Margon (Sandy’s Events) quanto pela Chef Marcelle Pino do Brazil Gourmet.
Definitivamente ela faz um trabalho maravilhoso ao registrar a essencia de um momento precioso em uma linda imagem!
Preciso dizer a razao pela qual nos escolhemos a Fotografa Daysy??? Veja por voce mesmo o quanto talentosa ela e!