As a photographer, it is crucial, that I have a timeline for any event. I want to make sure that I get everything that the client is asking for plus what I I need to capture to make an album or video complete, such as, scenic and detail shots.

To kick off my year as a photographer in 2017, I had the pleasure of photographing one of the most organized couples, Aubrie and Jeremy! It made for a fun and most importantly, stress free wedding.  I had asked them to share with future brides why a timeline is so important and how they organized their thoughts into their timeline!

This is how you don’t sweat the small stuff!

See Aubrie and Jeremy’s stress free wedding day here!




As far as planning goes, the timeline seemed super important to me. When I was in my sister’s wedding, she didn’t have a timeline that she shared with everyone, and with my crazy self, I would have loved to know what was going on. So for my wedding I was sure to make a timeline. I started it about 6 months out and that way as things changed I would just edit the timeline. It also gave me a great overview of everything. I shared it with the vendors that would be at the wedding the day of, the wedding party, and my mom (the decorating team). I used Google files to create it, but Excel would work just as well.



Each column was color coded. The first column I made was for times.  The rest as follows: photographer with wedding party, bridesmaids/bride details, groomsmen/groom details, venue, dj, and special tasks. This allowed me to be sure everyone knew when to be ready by and I went into detail in each box. It also made me feel like I knew what would be happening at all times, even though, I hardly thought about it the day of because it was all going so smooth. Any hiccups that did arise, I never heard of them. Everyone just took care of it, and I don’t even think it was anything serious, besides the groomsmen loosing the ring bear’s pillow with the rings for a few minutes. I just knew things happen and went in with an open mind, which I am a high anxiety, like to know what is going on type of person.

You will also see parts where I did bride needs 20 minutes, I’m still nursing our baby so I was going to need time to go pump.  Overall this baby worked! I loved how my bridesmaids were like “oh, it’s 2:20 I need to get the wreath!”.