I can’t begin this post without clarifying a few things:
Katie & Adam love Horses, Dogs, Harry Potter and Swords. They are also as sweet as can be! When you find a couple like this, you literally beg them to let you be their photographer (I have to confess, I really did that!). And it worked (?) lol
Their wedding day was so beautiful, emotional and filled with cute and fun details, including a SWORD STYLE CAKE CUTTING. Do I have to talk too much? No, let their exclusive interview filled with their beautiful images say it all! 🙂
Congratulations Katie and Adam, I wish you all the happiness in this world!!!!

Note: if you were a guest at this event, and you would like to view the entire gallery and possibly order images of yourself for personal use, make sure to visitKatie & Adam Gallery *Password provided for guests only* (Be warned, it has tons of pictures. It will be fun!) 🙂

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Daysy: How did you meet? 
Katie & Adam: We met online using ChristianMingle.com. Katie winked at Adam – she thought he was adorable in his picture winking and pointing to the camera and he was amazed that someone so beautiful would wink at him! We talked via email for a few months and then decided to meet in person. On our first date we went to dinner at a local restaurant, went to get snowballs and then talked for the next 4 hours outside by the pool.

Daysy: How did Adam propose? Can you describe that moment? 
Katie: We were on vacation in an amazing hotel on the beach in Treasure Island, Florida celebrating our one year anniversary. We had just gotten back from a great dinner from a local 5-star seafood restaurant when Adam left the room for a minute. When he came back in, he surprised Katie with her anniversary gift – a small box! When Katie opened the box, she was at first confused – it appeared to be a ‘golden snitch’ locket from Harry Potter (her all time favorite movie and book series). She thought the gift was really cool at first and was looking it over when she noticed a hinge on one side of it. Katie almost couldn’t open the locket and tried to give it to Adam to open it for her, but she finally got it open. The inside written in Harry Potter script read “Will You Marry Me” – and that is when Katie stopped speaking. Adam got down on one knee, opened up the ring box (upside down by accident) and asked Katie to be his wife. Adam had a whole speech prepared for this occasion, but all that he could get out at the moment was “You make me so happy, Katie will you marry me?” Katie thankfully said yes and Adam is lucky enough to be able to spend his future with her.

Daysy: Katie, you cried happy tears on your first look with your dad. It was so beautiful. Could you put into words your feelings of how much it meant for you and your dad when he saw you for the 1st time on your wedding gown?
Katie: My dad is very special to me and I always want to make him happy and proud of me and I could tell by the look on his face when he first saw me that these feelings came true.



Daysy: Where did you have your wedding? Why did you choose the location?
Katie & Adam: Ebenezer United Methodist Church – it is our home church that we go to every Sunday

Daysy: What was the Best Thing about the day?
Katie & Adam: seeing each other for the first time that day in church

Daysy: Tell us about your wedding day fashions.
Katie & Adam: traditional gray suits for men and pink/green knee length dresses and cowboy boots for the girls


Daysy: What went wrong?
Katie & Adam: We thought it would rain, but it stopped immediatlely when we started getting ready. Other than that, everything was great.

Daysy: What was your color palette and wedding style? What inspired it? How about the flowers, stationery and decor you chose?
Katie & Adam: Peony pink and Waterfall green for the colors. Wedding style was rustic chic. Flowers were Gerbera daisies (katies favorite) with succulents. Decor was laid back second hand rustic items found in thrift stores. Stationery was simple yet elegant/classic that matched the color scheme.

Daysy: Describe any personal or special touches that helped make Your Wedding Memorable.
Katie & Adam: lots of family came in from out of town and dancing with our grandparents

Daysy: Dolar dance is something very memorable on wedding days. Who made more money that night? 🙂 
Adam: Katie by a whole lot, which isnt surprising…who wouldnt want to dance with her?!?!

Daysy: Which element(s) of your day best reflected you as a couple? What did you do to make guests feel special?
Katie & Adam: Cutting our wedding cake – beautiful, yet simple cake like Katie. Cut it with a sword which is nerdy and badass like Adam. We kept the guest list small to make it more intimate.

Daysy: Adam, I love how you actually got a sword to cut the cake. And all your guest too! How did you come up with this idea, what is the story behind it?
Adam: I have collected swords for a while now and have always been interested in them. Katie saw this idea on Pinterest sometime last year and we thought it would be fun!

Daysy: What was on the menu? Did you have any special entertainment?
Katie & Adam: We had a barbecue type caterer with lots of different meats and sauces and sides. We also had a DJ who played music that we chose and also sang some classic songs.

Daysy: Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to? 
Katie & Adam: We were planning on an extravagant vacation back to Florida (the Keys this time); but then we bought a new home… That threw a wrench into our honeymoon plans, but we are still going to make the best of it and take a week long trip to Ocean City, Maryland. It has always held a special place in our hearts, so it will be a very special trip that we are both super excited for!

Daysy: Top 3 tips for future brides?
Katie: 1. drink a lot of water throughout the day
2. invest in a really good makeup artist
3. remember its your day – don’t let anyone tell you what to do

The FUNbooth was just too fun to be empty! Check out the pics here!

Note: if you were a guest at this event, and you would like to view the entire gallery and possibly order images of yourself for personal use, make sure to visitKatie & Adam Gallery *Password provided for guests only* (Be warned, it has tons of pictures. It will be fun!) 🙂