A gorgeous couple go to Rockville Town Square for their elopement. Quiet, romantic and personal , I was so grateful I could be there for this, as it was truely all about them.  You guys are a true inspiration of what love should be about.

The day started with their ceremony at the Montgomery County Courthouse (Rockville, MD) , followed by family photos and off we went to capture some amazing memories for these newlyweds!

Check bellow an exclusive interview and be inspired by their love story and the planning of this day!

Montgomery County Circuit Court Wedding

Daysy: How did you meet?
Larissa & Alex: Through an app

Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date?
L+A: We first met at Starbucks, had some tea, talked about travelling because of a travel magazine which was on the counter. Then went to eat something at a nearby restaurant, we watched some Youtube videos of Brazilian singers. It was a lovely 1st date!

Daysy: The Best Thing about the day:
L+A: When we were stepping outside of the courthouse, there was this band playing live. We definitely didn’t hire them lol, but they provided us the most perfect background for our first dance!

Daysy: Are you planning to honeymoon? If yes, where do you have plans to go to?
L+A: We are going to a music festival in Atlanta/GA

Daysy: How do you imagine yourselves as a couple from now to 5 years?
Alex: That’s a difficult question to answer right now, since Larissa is making some big career decisions at the moment. However, we see ourselves living happily together somewhere in the US, both working and always making time to see friends, exercise, cook, and dance!

Daysy: Larissa, describe something that you absolutely love about your fiance. Go!
Larissa: I love how kind he is. Always curious and calm. And absolutely smoking hot!

Daysy: Alex, describe something that you absolutely love about your fiance. Go!
Alex: I love how sweet, how strong, and how confident she is!! She’s teaching me how to be a better man. And those legs of course!

Daysy: Describe your relationship in two words:
L+A: Beautiful partnership.

Daysy: Larissa, any funny stories to share about your fiance? (be nice) 🙂
Larissa: I was the first one to show him that to make popcorn you just need a pan, corn kernels and a bit of oil. I remember his face of amazement when he saw me doing that for the first time! It was such a cute face!

Daysy: Alex, any funny stories to share about your fiance? (spill it out!)
Alex: I remember when we went kayaking with a roommate who had bought some boats recently. We went out on the water and something was wrong with our boat, because after about 30 minutes it had filled up with water! We weren’t sure if we could even make it back to the shore! But luckily the boat had just enough buoyancy that we were able to paddle really hard and make it back. So silly!

Daysy: Which element(s) of your day best reflected you as a couple?
L+A: How simple and sweet is every moment we spend together!

Daysy: What went wrong?
L+A: …nothing that we can think of! Weather was the most perfect possible!

Daysy: Top 3 tips for future brides:
L+A: Plan ahead.
Be aware that an expensive wedding party isn’t essential (even necessary). Happiness relies on the most simple things.
Have people you love around you and have as much fun as you possibly can!

Daysy: Where did you have your wedding? Why did you choose the location?
L+A: We married at the courthouse in Rockville Montgomery County Courthouse (Rockville, MD) and had dinner with family and friends at Sweetgreen, a casual restaurant in downtown Silver Spring. It was all close to home and absolutely adorable.


Cinema & Photography: Daysy Photography | www.byDaysy.com
Makeup and Hair:
Makeup Artist Fabbiola Antunes
Flowers: DIY

Location 1: Montgomery County Courthouse (Rockville, MD)
Location 2: Rockville Town Square (Rockville, MD)


Tell us about….

The Planning: Larissa and Alex, as well as our parents, and Daysy! (my heart just melted! ~Daysy 🙂
Theme: Simplicity
Menu: Sweetgreen
Cake: Double chocolate flourless gluten-free cake
Budget: $700.00
Honeymoon Location: Atlanta, GA


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