Vendor Love is about some of the amazing vendors I had/have the pleasure to work with at weddings and events, so we definitely share a common story, a common day where we have worked together to make a couple’s dream come true.
I want to get to know more of these amazing professionals, and on top of it, I want to make sure my couples know about them too and recommend them all the way (I want them to have the best out of the best for the day)!!!

On this episode, I had the honor to chat with  DJ Brian Crow, the Owner of Crow Entertainment and DJ Ricky G, who is a full-time DJ with this amazing company!
I want to highlight what made me pay attention to these guys: As we do video, they were VERY helpfull with letting us use their table to capture perfect clear-cripy sound for our couples. They went above and beyond. Could we do it without a DJ table, of course. But the fact of having a vendor that genuinely cared, and made our life so easy, makes me want to refer and work with them over and over again, because I KNOW my couples will be well taken care off, and we will all work as a team, for our main goal: to make our couples’ day dreams come true! Thank you, Brian and Ricky, for stopping by! Check out how theyr work unfolds. It takes way more than “press the play button” 🙂

Company Name: Crow Entertainment LLC
Who to ask for: Brian or Ricky, DJ’s (don’t forget to mention Daysy has sent you!)
Phone: (443) 968-8975 | Email:
What they want you to know: WE WORK FOR THE CUSTOMER – NOT THE COMPANY (That is why they have been so far)!

Vendor Love, #2: Crow Entertainment LLC, DJ and Light from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo.

Daysy: Today we are here with Bryan Crow with Crow entertainment LLC. We just want to go over a little bit of his story. And later we will also have Ricky joining us; he is also part of the team. I want to go ahead and get to know you a little bit more Bryan.

Bryan: Ok! Let’s do this. I started out as a DJ by kind of a fluke. I used to go to this place a lot and one night the DJ quit or something. As a result, they did not have any music. The lady that was working the place knew me. She said hey do you know how to play music and I said I could probably learn. So she goes fine to get in here and go put on some music. And I was like great.
If the DJ is full time and they are fully insured. And if they are familiar with the Venue. And funny or not; if they are not cheesy that is a good thing as well. That’s pretty much it and I don’t know if I missed anything but those are kind of the main things. In fact, I got a call recently and the person did not know how to ask if we were like the typical DJ’s playing the YMCA or the chicken dance. I was like just come out and ask because I know what you’re trying to ask me so let’s just talk about that. And she was like thank you because you take a load off from my mind. I said we are performance DJ we mix and mash up music when it is appropriate. We cater to a variety of audience. And we are actually in it for the love of the music part of it.

I think it’s important to get connected to people like that.

If there is something special for the couple that no one can know about. We have to like go on the calendar and put words like surprise or don’t say anything. We write it in the contracts and all the other things. I think one of the favorite things about this business is really the relationships. People I get to meet and stuff that I get to learn from them and knowing peoples stories, things like that. It’s kind of neat.

You also want to enjoy it in the moment so part of what we do is try to bring that “they don’t forget about the moment” I think we help them do that because we are not in there face. And we are not putting pressure on them, we are not telling them that Oh if you don’t turn this in we are not going to do that and this.


Daysy: Ricky G who long have you been a DJing for?

Ricky: I have been a DJing at least over 6 years. I have been with the company for 6 years but was Djing on my own before that. First dances or anything like that we are there to help fill in or anything you need. Normally the first dance is something that you choose but if you need any suggestions with para dances we are also there to help. The second you get a contract with Crow you have unlimited consultations with us. We are there to help you figure out what you need. And what you want for your wedding basically anything that you can think of we can do.
We make sure that we get all of there must play dance songs. And anything that’s on there we definitely make sure that we download that ahead of time. A lot of times we can meet with somebody and based on meeting them we can be like OK! this person looks like he will be a good fit for Bryan or good fit or Ricky. Oh they really like electronic kind of music and that’s Ricky’s specialty so they will bring that person to me or somebody that is like really into a whole lot things like classics and the Hip Hops. CJ and Bryan they do that kind of stuff.


Bryan: Yeah we really love that kind of stuff. We like to spin and mix. We like to mess around and scratch and stuff like that. We scan the room and study the Vibe and then we try to feed whatever energy is working. And then we give right back to them. Therefore they give it to us and we give it to them.

Ricky: We focus a lot on the DJ but we also offer the lighting packages. And this can be anything from dance lights to up lighting that kind of just sets the vibe. So you can come to our office and actually pick out your wedding colors. Look at all the lights and make sure that they are exactly the way you want them. And also we are going to be checking out the lights all night so we are not just sitting them down and leaving them there. We are going to be like “OK! This one is getting knocked over and that one is good. The vibe is still good.”

During the dancing time, we will set them to the dance active mode. And the lights actually change color to the beat of the music. It definitely makes the dance floor more inviting and it’s just an overall more dance pro vibe.