This is a beautiful love story that you may have probably heard before. Lauren Meler and Derek Shullenbarger had their love story featured on MTV by the Catfish Show. But, actually, one of the reasons why it became so famous was the fact that it could happen to anyone, especially now that online networking is part of our lives. Many of us have met a friend or a blind date online who we once wanted to meet.

Lauren and Derek find each other on MySpace, and kept a very close friendship for 8 years. She was living in Texas, while he was living in Maryland. Miles apart, all efforts to meet each other along the eight years of friendship had failed. But they kept talking, and deep down in their hearts, Lauren and Derek started having feelings for each other.

And life went on. Derek kept seeing other people, and so did Lauren. She got pregnant from her boyfriend, and little Mason was welcomed with much joy. Lauren, got engaged to Mason’s father, but she decided that she had to meet Derek, in order to see if he was real. She needed to give him a chance before she committed to something as important as a marriage. And that is when Catfish Show took place. She decided to write to MTV and have the program help her to find out if Derek was ‘real’. Yes… he was very real, and that is what this engagement session is about.

If you would like to watch their episode, visit MTV Catfish Show Season 2. It showed on MTV USA and aired in many other countries as well.

I am so honored to be able to capture this chapter of their lives. Please enjoy and share the love!



Highlights video (by Daysy Photography)

MTV Catfish Couple – Lauren & Derek Engagement Session (by Daysy Photography) from Daysy Photography on Vimeo.