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Best of 2017 Engagement Sessions

2017 has been a year to remember! Don't you agree? I'm always so amazed how fast the year flies by us, but the best part about my job is I can freeze time and help create a life long visual memory of where any couple is about to start the rest of their lives together. So, come take a scroll with me and lets look at what this year blessed my camera lense with!     Frances and Travis had their engagement session in Washington D.C in the rain, and it was just perfect! Even with grey skies , you can see love shine much brighter than the sun. Daysy: Where did you go for your 1st date? Travis: Zoo lights at the Washington Zoo on December 19th, then a walk to dupont circle. Frances: We did meet up in Dupont for Zoo Lights. It was bitterly cold and I was wearing these ridiculous oversized fluffy earmuffs. I couldn’t hear him when I wore them and when I took them off my ears went numb. I recall talking his ear off about my favorite books and giving him detailed descriptions of Stephen King’s career. And yet, he didn’t run away. See Frances and [...]

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2017 Best Engagement Session Photos

2017 Best Engagement Session Photos Engagements are quite an exciting time for many, especially for us! We have shot many vibrant and in love couples during this most exciting time in their lives! Here are the Best Engagement Sessions of 2017! Jhoann and Anh Daysy: How did he propose? Can you describe that moment? Jhoann and Anh: Anh proposed on the 3rd day of a trip to Disney World. He surprised Jhoann to a dinner at Cinderella’s castle. The restaurant was called Royal Table, it’s a unique dining experience where you get to meet all your favorite Disney princesses. That alone was a great surprise to end the 3 day trip, but after dessert Anh had an even bigger surprise. He had been planning to propose at the restaurant for months now. After dessert a dish was brought out to Jhoann covered. Once it was placed down in front of her and the waiter lifted the cover she saw Cinderella’s glass slipper and Anh down on one knee. Read more about Jhoann and Anh Engagement Pictures Here! 2017 Best Engagement Session Photos […]

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Winter Wonderland Snow Wedding, Baltimore’s Best Events, Townson MD ~ Aline + Charles

Winter Wonderland Snow Wedding, Baltimore’s Best Events, Townson MD ~ Aline + Charles Once upon a dream, a lady called Aline, a brazilian born beautiful soul, adventurous and with a heart of gold, decided she wanted do an interchange in the US. Then she came. Barelly she knew she would meet her future husband in that period of time. Charles, a hardworking, talented and handsome guy, was wating for the right woman to steal his heart. Then, they met! Fast-forward: In a extra cold winter day, with heavy snow forecast for Baltimore, MD area, these two got gifted the best scenario one could hope for! SNOW showers! Gorgeous is not enough to explain how Breathtaking these images came out, and you won’t want to miss it! Get inspired by their beautiful love, along with an exclusive interview including tips of how to plan for your day! PS.: If you are planning your honeymoon, baby-moon, love-moon, anything moon or vacation moon too in Hawaii, listen to these 3 amazing hot tips from Aline and Charles. They have spent several days warming up at the gorgeous beaches of this incredible paradise! Enjoy 🙂 […]

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Turf Valley Fall Wedding, Ellicott City MD ~ Carli + Josh

Turf Valley Fall Wedding, Ellicott City MD – Carli + Josh It was a beautiful fall day. The temps had dropped aroundd this time, but Carli and Josh got a gift from the heavens: a beautiful warm weather, in a begging of winter! Their fall wedding was the reflection of two young and mature personalities, that are the perfect match for each other. Every single detail was well thought, well planned and that resulted in beautiful amazing images, you will be able to see bellow! Enjoy the highlight of their day and interview, as well. Get inspired by this beautiful couple’s love story! Daysy: Top 3 tips for future couples: Don’t sweat the little things that day, remember that this is just one day to the start of a life together. Practice your vows! You won’t trip over any words and you will be able to enjoy the moment more not having to think about them too hard. Remember that things will go wrong, not everything will be absolutely perfect, but that is okay because life is not perfect. […]

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Beauty and the Beast Fairy Dream, Frederick MD ~ Natalia and Nikolay

Beauty and the Beast Fairy Dream, Frederick MD When you think about a prince and a princess, you think about Disneyworld most likely. They all seem perfect tales, filled with love and adventures. But way better is to actually live the dream! Every girl dreams of being a princess for a day and marrying her prince. Natalia and her husband Nikolay were able to live a fairy tale in a magical Beauty and The Beast stylized photoshoot. Using two locations, All That Shines Events, LLC and Baker Park in Frederick, MD;  we were able to capture the most breathtaking moments between Natalia and Nikolay. You can truly see the love they have shared throughout the day. Just as Beauty had a little help from Lumiere, Wardrobe, Mrs. Potts, and Cogsworth to create her special look for the ball, Natalia had some amazing vendors to help get her to look just right. Special thanks to All That Shines Events, LLC for all the amazing planning and sharing their space for the filming, Spa Noa & Brush Strokes Salon for hair and makeup, April Toney’s Chloe & Isabel Boutique for the “Parisian Belle” by Chloe jewelry, and Flowers by Angels for the beautiful flower arrangements. Natalia looked stunningly [...]

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Weinberg Center Engagement Session, Frederick MD ~ Jhoann and Anh

Weinberg Center Engagement Session, Frederick MD Jhoann and Anh – observe how also their names are a good match! This beautiful young couple is madly in love, and now they are engaged. When the time was right to start making the arrangements to their wedding day, we met for a consultation and they shared the desire to do their session in a Theater, that was when I definitely knew I really wanted to be this couple’s storyteller. And that is how we ended up having their session at the amazing Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, MD. That sure made us all VERY excited. Watch their lovely engagement video, and enjoy their awesome pictures and interview bellow! I can not wait for your wedding next year! Daysy: How did you meet? Jhoann and Anh: At the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where we met thought Jhoann’s roommate and we both graduated from in 2012. […]

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Frederick Downtown Winter Engagement Session, Frederick, MD ~ Carol + Alexander

Frederick Downtown Winter Engagement Session, Frederick, MD ~ Carol + Alexander Carol and Alexander are high school sweethearts who have met years ago while attending to school, they only needed one class together! That is how their story have started. Fast forward, today they are today young professionals working to start a life together as a married couple (what is going to be happening very soon). They are having a winter wedding on the last days of December! Their engagement session was done at the cute Frederick Downtown, then we followed to Baker Park for some more amazing shots! Check their love story bellow, along with their exclusive interview!! Daysy: How did you meet? Carol & Alex: We met in High school, and we met at a bioscience course we both took. […]

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