Science Meets Love. A wedding at The Woodlands at Algonkian, Sterling, VA ~ Jewel + Paul

Jewel and Paul are people of science. Their love for nature, and more specifically for trees, passionately drove them both from different states, to the DC area to pursue their dream career and, the love for our Planet Earth. Fortunately, for them both, the one thing they also found while on their scientific search, was the love for each other. The formula is simple, but very unique: #ItTakesTwoToTomasula Remember their engagement story here on this special post. Now, these two beautiful souls, share a life long commitment not only with their passion for nature, but also as husband and wife. The universe truly is amazing!  Attention: if you were a guest at their wedding, please visit the private gallery on this link. * Daysy's Signature Shot   * Daysy's Signature Shot Jewel and Paul, please share with us your Top 3 planning tips for future couples. Talk about each your top priorities for the wedding day Good photographer, good DJ, and good food are worth it! If you're on a budget, you can definitely skip certain details and guests won't care Daysy: Did you have a first look before the ceremony? If yes, how can you [...]

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An Airport and a Golf Club, the Perfect Match for this Engaged Couple ~ Nice and Pavel

Love is in the air... Literally! Nice and Pavel have many reasons to celebrate life. But the most important fact, is that they have found love within each other, and from there, the family only continues to grow! This beautiful couple have met in Pittsburgh, PA and now they are about to get married and celebrate their union with families coming from all over the place to meet all in Pittsburgh. On a personal note, they are also personal friends of ours, which makes things even more exciting when being chosen to capture such a beautiful milestone on their lives. Their November wedding is approaching and you will probably see me preaching this all over the place, because Nice holds a special place in my heart, she is my sister from another mother, so being able to witness this beautiful union to the wonderful man she chose, Pavel really melts my heart. Nice and Pavel, I am so happy for you both, and I can't wait for your wedding!!! Enjoy their beautiful photos and interview too :) Location 1: Frederick Municipal Airport, MD Daysy: How did you meet? Nice and Pavel: We met in Downtown Pittsburgh  * Daysy's Signature [...]

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Vineyard of Mary’s Meadow, a Wedding With a Touch of Rustic ~ Shannon + Ian

I hope you are having a glass of anything you'd like to drink, and hopefully you have got some time in your hands, because you will spend quite a few time hovering around these magnificent photos from Shannon and Ian's wedding. I really have so much to thank and appreciate these two. They were absolutely invested on the process, they made things so fun to "work" (pictures are very honest about that), and more than that, the love they share for each other is so inspiring, I have no words to describe. They connected thru a family member and their first time hanging out was at a birthday party, and they haven't been apart ever since. Check out their engagement love story here! And Shannon and Ian have chosen Vineyard of Mary's Meadow, a beautiful venue located in Darlington, MD to celebrate their love. The day was amazing and unique, and it was an honor to be there with our team, to capture their wedding. Enjoy their pictures and wedding videos too! #bohwhatanight Attention: if you were a guest at Shannon and Ian’s wedding, please visit the private gallery on this link. Highlight-Shannon-Ian from Daysy Film & Photo on Vimeo. [...]

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Manor Country Club, a Summer Love Wedding ~ Erin + Mikhail

Wedding days have so many highlights and they bring back the special memories from how the couples have met and also fun stories, and most often get shared with their guests during their ceremony or vows. From today, I will leave that statement here: Erin and Mike have the cutest love story ever. It is deserving of a Hollywood movie (not kidding!). They met for the first time, at their friends wedding, where they were both part of the bridal party. Call it destiny, lucky or anything you wish to believe, but for me, it was meant to be! And nothing beats the love for a bride and groom who truly care for each other like these two do! Remember their engagement story here! Today, they are re-living how their story had started, but this time being a bride and groom! It so inspiring to see how their family and friends gathered around to be part of this beautiful day. Many happiness your way, dearests. You deserve all the best in this world can offer to you TOGETHER :) Attention: if you were a guest at Erin & Mike’s wedding, please visit the private gallery on this link. Watch Erin [...]

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Silver Spring, MD Summer Wedding Photos ~ Yumi + Gregory

Saturday Snuggles, kisses and happy tears for Leticia & Gregory because they got married folks! It was a ceremony filled with love and beautiful words from Pastor Coitinho from Shalom Church. Congratulations, to the new Mr. & Mrs. Bartochak!! Check out their beautiful portraits below!     

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Baltimore Museum of Industry Retro Classic Wedding ~ Betty & Jon

Let me start this post this way: It feels SO GOOD to be part of a family. This is how Jon and Betty made us feel for the entire process from when we first met to their wedding day and beyond. That being said, it is simple to understand why they so belong together! Their generous heart and kind personalities are hard to find. Then add hotness, nerd traits for Pikachu chasing, Japan travel bugs and LOTS of LOVE for each other as toppings, and voila! You got the perfect recipe for how #couplesgoals should be! Even though we only met last year, thru our dearests Michelle and Patrick Gamer Wedding, Betty and Jon have grown on my heart fondly and I can be finding beautiful words to express this all day, but I already running at the risk of getting sappy here, so lets move on to the most beautiful wedding at The Baltimore Museum of Industry I have ever witnessed. Jon & Betty had chosen their wedding ceremony at the heart of Baltimore, and their family and friends made sure to shower them with love and great dance moves. Check it out by yourself, below with their beautiful [...]

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Cromwell Valley Park Engagement Photos. An Evening of Nature, Puppies and Love ~ Jennifer & Nameer

Cromwell Valley Park holds a special place on Nameer and Jennifer's heart. They actually considered doing their wedding there, too bad they don't do weddings... BUT, no reason for regrets, it was the most BEAUTIFUL PLACE for their engagement session... and that, friends, is when we go to hang out and create their amazing engagement photo memories for this beautiful moment of their lives. Enjoy along with their interview!! I find it so cute how we got to incorporate their cute dogs onto the session! Congratulations, Jennifer and Nameer. From here to your wedding day now!!!   © Daysy Film & Photo Signature Shot © Daysy Film & Photo Signature Shot How did you meet? We met at the gym. We both used to workout at Spunk Fitness late at night. Jennifer went there because it was the gym her cousin went to and Nameer went there because all of his friends went to that gym. Nameer saw Jennifer at the gym and wanted her number. Jennifer was always on the cardio machines (which he later made fun of her for). At first, he was too shy to ask her so he asked the front desk [...]

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The Woodlands at Algonkian Wedding Sneak Peek ~ Jewel & Paul

Two brilliant minds are even better when they grow together in science and in love. And Jewel & Paul made sure it continues this way. Congratulations to Jewel & Paul, the newest Mr. & Mrs. Tomasula! Enjoy this beautiful sneak peek from their wedding at The Woodlands at Algonkian in Sterling, VA. And keep an eye for the bigger blog post coming up soon. #ItTakesTwoToTomasula 🌹 Watering of the plant, was part of their ceremony   Vendor Love: Photography: Daysy Film & Photo DJ: Black Tie Entertainment (Matt Johnson) Florist: Pollen Productions Hair & Makeup: Jackson Harlow Beauty Dress: Morilee Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff Accessories: Little Things Borrowed Caterer: Great Blue Heron Cupcakes: Sweetz Bakery Venue and Day of Coordinator: The Woodlands at Algonkian (Maren Roman) - Sterling, VA Riverfront Cottage: Algonkian Cottages - Sterling, VA

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